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Rajmachi Point, Lonavala Overview

Visiting a hill station with family and friends, for a once in a while weekend getaway is not only a welcome break but also imperative to keep the batteries recharged and a person motivated to take on the upcoming work week. A holiday out and about in the open of nature and away from the hum drum of city traffic, smog and stress is always a good idea and is also recommended by medical professionals as a way to improve health for ages across all the spectrums.

One such ideal place to take a short weekend holiday is obviously a hill station close to you. Everything from the drive to the stay and the things to do in crisp and relatively cleaner hilly air is like an absolute boon to the senses. For people up North and down South, there are lots of different hill station options like Mount Abu and Ooty just to name a couple from each region. However the place to be for people in the western part of the country is of course Lonavala and its neighbouring hill station Khandala. Both are really just a couple of kilometres drive away from each other and are riddled with points, attractions, activities and resorts for every type of budget and every type of traveller.

One such incredible destination is Rajmachi Point Lonavala. The hill station is dotted with many such points including Lion’s Seat, Tiger Leap and Thumbs Up Point however Rajmachi Point with its stunning views and vistas of the valley and largely unspoilt and completely nature green cover is a sight to behold. The adjoining area is home to so much indigenous flora fauna and makes for lovely viewing especially if you are a bird, insect, flower or plant enthusiast.

Best Time to Visit Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point Lonavala gets its name because the Rajmachi Fort of the incredible Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji is situated opposite this point. The point offers spectacular views of Rajmachi Fort, the surrounding valley and waterfalls. Like most hill stations the area and the abundance of nature seems to flourish most when the Heavens open up during the monsoons and also in the winter when the temperature drops and the sun is not at its merciless hottest. While there is no real timing to visit the point, enjoying a sunrise or a sunset with the fort in its stead would be a beautiful and magical memory to capture both from the lens of your camera and your mind.

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Things to do in Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point is by and large a lovely place to spread out a nice picnic hamper and soak in the quiet unspoilt beauty with the people you love the most in this world. It does not have the hustle and bustle of other points which does not make it a very big commercial draw for vendors even though you will still find a few around.

If you are of a religious bent of mind, there is a beautiful temple on the point from where you can seek blessings, solace and positivity for your family, friends and yourself. There is also a lovely and basic children’s park to keep the tots happy and give them something to do while their elders soak in the much wanted and appreciated calm of nature.

The drive that one can take up to the point is delightful which means that you can either make this a day trip with lots to do before coming home or even sleep over in one of the few thousand resort and room options that Lonavala and Khandala are both very happy to provide you with. And of course if you are up to the trek then a visit to Rajmachi Fort is a wonderful way to acquaint yourself with a little history of this region. Once the stronghold of the Maratha warrior King Chhatrapati Shivaji the fort tells tales of glorious battles and lore of legend like none other. There is also an adjoining Rajmachi Garden which is home to indigenously grown flowers, plants and trees which is also a sight to behold for nature lovers.

Neighbouring Places to Visit in Lion’s Point

How to reach Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point Lonavala is just a 12 km scenic drive from Lonavala Railway Station. Both Lonavala and Khandala are well connected by road and rail and the two biggest cities closest to them are of course Mumbai and Pune. Rajmachi Point’s distance from Pune can be pegged at a drive of about an hour and a half and almost the same amount of time by train. From Mumbai to the point is largely equidistant and would take a couple of hours of pleasant driving along the Mumbai – Pune Expressway and a similar amount of time by train. If driving down, you could either bring your own vehicle or choose to take a transport taxi till Lonavala. Once in Lonavala, there are several rickshaws which will ferry you about. Be sure to bargain a little bit on the price.

Tripadvisor rates a day trip to Rajmachi Point Lonavala at 3 stars out of 5. We agree with this rating wholeheartedly and would encourage you to pile in with family and friends and drive down to this beautiful and scenic destination at the earliest. Happy travelling!



How do I get from Lonavala station to Rajmachi fort?
  • Lonavala is nearest railway station to reach Rajmachi fort.
  • Rajmachi Point is 232.4 kms away from Lonavala. It takes almost 4 hours by road.
How can I go to Rajmachi fort from Mumbai?
  • One can take a train to Lonavala railway station which is the nearest railway station to reach Rajmachi fort.
  • Alternatively one can use the road. The distance travelled is 314 kms and the time taken from Mumbai is approximately 5 hours and 15 minutes.
How can I reach Rajmachi from Pune?
  • One can take a train to Lonavala railway station which is the nearest railway station to reach Rajmachi fort.
  • Alternatively one can use the road. The distance travelled is 171 kms and the time taken from Pune is approximately 3 hours.
Is Rajmachi Trek safe?
Rajmachi Trek is one of those treks which not everyone should take up. One should take this as a 2 day trek to avoid much stress. On one day, climb uphill and then come down after camping for a night on the next day. It can take 4-6 hours to trek uphill.
How do I go from Rajmachi from Lonavala?
  • Lonavala is nearest railway station to reach Rajmachi fort.
  • Rajmachi Point is 232.4 kms away from Lonavala. It takes almost 4 hours by road.