Top 10 best Lonavala Trekking routes in 2020

On the face of it Lonavala in Maharashtra is a simple hill station where people usually go for a day trip or a weekend getaway to get rid of the stress and rigours of urban living. The destination is usually frequented by world weary travellers from Mumbai and Pune since Lonavala falls approximately bang in the centre of both these bustling cities.

However, when you scratch a little bit beneath the surface, you discover Lonavala as an oasis of biodiversity. There is truly something to do for everyone in this beautiful space. Family and friends across age and gender spectrums can come and indulge in a hobby or an interest of their choice without having to worry about someone else with a different interest being bored or isolated.

Beautiful weather, plenty of tourist attractions, awesome resorts and properties, wonderful cuisines inspired from the latest trends being set in Mumbai and Pune are just some of the many different things that people can indulge in when in Lonavala. The one thing we are going to talk about today though is the trekking scene.

Trekking places in Lonavala range from the simple and scenic to the extreme and adrenaline pumping. The naturally contoured hilly terrain helps add to the aura of a Lonavala trek while the largely unspoilt natural habitat in these places allows you to genuinely enjoy a stroll through the woods while actually being able to merge with nature. So brace yourself for a thrill a minute read on some of the most exciting treks that one can undertake when in Lonavala.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Lonavala Trekking points in 2020