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Top 10 Best Resorts in Lonavala for Couples

A long drive that culminates into a beautiful resort experience, resplendent with delicious food, a heady beverage or two and of course a comfy and cozy room is what romantic couple dates are all about. There are of course several resorts for couples in Lonavala but you always want to the very best for your special someone which is why it’s important to make an informed choice when you’re picking the perfect experience for that perfect weekend getaway. Read More

Top 10 Best Resorts in Lonavala for Family

I want to talk to you about something really important today. It’s about a word. Something that we utter every single day, but still do not fully realize the weight it carries. I want to talk to you about… the ‘F’ word – Family.

Our daily lives are so jam-packed with meetings, work, traveling, surviving, and the works, that we get little to no time to spend with the family. When you do get some time on the weekends, time flies by at the speed of light, and before you know it, you’re back at work starring in your personal adaptation of The Curious Case of The Vanishing Weekend. Read More

Top 15 Resorts in Lonavala

The word ‘Lonavala’ has become almost like a magic word, uttered when the weekend approaches. Misty hills, ever-pleasant weather, easy accessibility and tourist attractions galore mean that Lonavala is the preferred getaway for people in and around Mumbai and Pune. Living in the city means that the beauties of Mother Nature are in short supply. Lonavala, on the other hand, offers scintillating views of the lush greenery carpeting the hills, mesmerizing sunsets, historical marvels, and to top it all off, abundant views of waterfalls along the way.
Naturally, with the uptake in the number of visitors over the years, Lonavala has seen homestays and resorts pop up like mushrooms in the monsoon. Read More

Top 15 Best Resorts near Pune

‘Queen of the Deccan’, ‘Oxford of the East’, the city of Pune goes by many names. Also known as the cultural capital of the Marathas, thanks to its rich history with the Maratha people, Pune has taken long strides in developing into the modern, yet rustic city that it is today. Throngs of visitors flock to the city thanks to the way it effortlessly marries the modern offerings of the world today along with its traditional wadas and forts.

Thanks to its pleasant weather and express connectivity, Pune has evolved by leaps and bounds to be the vibrant metropolis it is today. Yet even vibrant metropolises need resorts and getaways to cater to the distressed and the overstressed. Read More

Top 20 Best Luxury Resorts near Mumbai

It is commonly agreed upon that a person living in Mumbai for over five years will find it easy to adapt to living in any other city in the world. The fast-paced life of the city leaves its citizens little time to breathe. Right from 4 in the morning till 11 in the night, the city of Mumbai is bustling with life, be it the fishermen lugging their haul early in the morning or the office goer wrapping up a project late at night.

Yet, the life of a Mumbaikar is one which requires the stamina of an athlete, thanks to the daily travel that the Mumbaikar has to brave. All this traveling and working, day in and day out, can take a toll on the body. Before you know it, you’re looking for a getaway; a place where you can kick back, relax, enjoy the view and pamper yourself in luxury Read More

Top 20 Best Resorts near Mumbai for Family

Holidays are always way more special when you have your entire family enjoying them. However, not every spot and every resort in that spot will always be “family friendly”. Mumbai is the maximum city that India is most proud off especially in terms of its inclusiveness and diversity and today we are going to talk about resorts near Mumbai for family.

Historically Mumbai in itself came into being as a coming together of seven islands. What could have also been a quaint sleepy port town has blossomed into one of the biggest metropolises in the world simply because of its industry, never say die attitude and of course its rich amalgamation of several cultures that its inhabitants exhibit at every step of the year. Read More

Top 25 Best Resorts near Mumbai

Have you ever wondered why Mumbai is called the ‘Maximum City’? While the term was first coined by Suketu Mehta in his book, “Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found”, Mumbaikars have taken quite a liking to it. This is because the words ‘Maximum City’ are some of the aptest words that can be used to describe the city of Mumbai.

Be it the daily travel, the work hours or the stress emanating from the city, Mumbai is a city that is ‘Maximum’ in every definition of the word. This is precisely why the people of the city are left looking towards long weekends or fashioning their own long weekends to get away from the noise of the city. Read More

Top 15 Best Resorts in Khandala

Khandala is a resplendent hill station bedecked by the vagrancies of nature and its flora and fauna. It is cooler in terms of climate as compared to the maximum city of Mumbai and it’s smaller yet ever-growing neighbour, Pune. It becomes an inviting weekend getaway with something or the other to do for the entire family or comes calling when you need a place to relax and unwind from the fast pace of everyday city lifestyles.

It’s no surprise then that Khandala and its adjoining neighbour Lonavala are usually busy all year round with people especially from Mumbai and Pune using these places to recharge their batteries over small two and three day breaks before they head back into their routines. Read More