Pune to Lonavala
– Distance, Direction, Modes of Travels & Pricing

Pune as a city is fast emerging from its one time shadow of being Mumbai’s distant suburb into a proper bonafide city of its own. It is fast paced, has plenty of scope for jobs across all industries and houses a populace that enjoys a quality of life not too dissimilar to how Mumbaikars live. The pace of life in Pune is slightly less frantic which allows for them to be even more relaxed and enjoy more than a few weekend getaways in and around the city especially places in Lonavala and Khandala just less than 100 kilometres away.

Pune to Lonavala
Pune to Lonavala

If anything, Pune being almost 200 kilometres further into the hinterland as compared to Mumbai, has more access to what we would term as weekend destinations. There is the Satara belt and of course Pune shares equal proximity to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani as it does to the beautiful hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala. The avid traveller in Pune is absolutely spoilt for choice in being able to decide where his or her next weekend getaway could be and the decision can depend purely on what they want to achieve from the break.

Having said that, Lonavala and Khandala are two places in very close proximity that allow the week-weary traveller to indulge in almost every kind of activity that one could possibly hope for. Lonavala simply has something to do for everyone and it still manages to retain the old world charm of being a beautiful hill station. One can trek and hike to several peaks and can do so over both beginner and more expert levels. There are a lot of places and resorts that encourage you to indulge in water sports and parks.

There is adventure and leisure in equal measure and there are also curated experiences like at The Machan where one gets to understand the essence of nature centric living in tree houses 40 to 50 feet off the ground, deep within the Lonavala forest. While there, you can also drive down and visit the many popular points which are all at a height, allowing you to recharge your batteries and rake in some much needed rest and recuperation. The weather at all times is always at least a couple of degrees cooler than in Pune and it is absolutely pleasant and positively romantic during the monsoon and the winter.

Having told you all so much about Lonavala already, it’s now important that we tell you exactly how to get there. Lonavala is extremely easy and well connected to Pune. An added plus is that it becomes a major road and rail junction for travellers who are going to and fro from Pune into Mumbai which makes it even easier to access.

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Modes of Transport

Pune to Lonavala By Train PUNE TO LONAVALA BY TRAIN

There are 23 different trains that run between Pune and Lonavala every day. And that number jumps to 44 in the entire week. The travel distance between stations is only a very brisk 64 kilometres which means that the locomotive will have you at Lonavala station in even less than an hour. Some of the many trains that we suggest you can take depending on time and convenience include the Solapur Express, the Sharavathi Express and the Lokmanyatilak Terminus Secunderabad Junction Superfast Special.

Train travel in general is usually the cheapest way to meander within India and this is no different for this route either. The cheapest ticket depending on the train and the comfort that you seek from your journey is hardly a little of Rs 100 which makes visiting Lonavala from Pune very easy.

While the Pune to Lonavala distance may be short, the journey however is absolutely beautiful and scenic making the ravel fun filled and relaxing.

Pune to Lonavala
Pune to Lonavala By Road
Pune to Lonavala By Road PUNE TO LONAVALA BY ROAD

Another popular way to travel from Pune to Lonavala is of course by road. And once again there are several options that one could pursue even while opting for the road option. One could always rustle up in their own vehicle and have a little pleasant joyride down to Lonavala.

The distance depending from where you live in Pune and the traffic would differ between 1 and 2 hours. The Pashan Sus Road in Pune is the main highway that leads in and out of the city to the West and is connected to the super-fast 8 lane Mumbai Pune Expressway. This highway can be accessed by Punekars staying in Camp, MG Road, Shivaji Nagar, Koregaon Park and even further down Kalyani Nagar and Hadapsar just to name a few. It is quite simply the easiest way and out of Pune thanks to the road connection with the Expressway. The Expressway has an exit point in Lonavala which means that driving down is in fact a pleasure due to the non-clogged and well-built and spacious roads.


Another more contemporary mode of travel is the Pune to Lonavala cab services on offer today. One could opt for the more well-known Uber and Ola cab services which now have taxis plying beyond the city limits of Mumbai and Pune. Both the cab services will bring you to Lonavala without the need to stop along the way in a very brisk time. The cost for the same ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 however the comfort of the AC and being in your own vehicle with your own group of family and friends is worth the expenditure. Similarly one can also book cabs with private operators allowing for the same experience and choosing the car of your choice depending on the size of your group travelling.


The Pune to Lonavala bus route is also equally convenient with several stops along the way for you to be able to board and deboard depending on where you stay. The busses originate in Pune opposite the main terminus of the Pune railway station and have several stops at Shivaji Nagar, Pimpri Chinchwad, Aundh and finally Wakad before they hit the Expressway. There are also several rest stops along the way allowing for the ride down to be convenient in every which way. A ticket, once again depending from where you catch the bus from and what quality of seat you desire, will cost almost near about the same as a train ticket.

We hope this information that gotten you all excited to make a short weekend getaway to Lonavala and Khandala from Pune. So what are you waiting for? Start travelling and remember to make happy memories!