Mumbai to Lonavala
– Distance, Direction, Modes of Travels & Pricing

One of the many joys of staying in Mumbai and its adjoining areas is the proximity that it shares to several beautiful and scenic weekend getaways around it. For people having worked in Mumbai all their life, they will swear by the need to take short but several of these weekend getaways to stay charged for their work pressures. That’s why most of them are really pleased that Lonavala is only a mere 105 kilometres away.

A weekend getaway is a great way to deal with such stress and a nice, clean, comforting and affordable hill station in the vicinity is just what the doctor orders to help with coping with the stress and rigours of life.

Mumbai To Lonavala
Mumbai To Lonavala

Lonavala has a climate which is always a couple of degrees cooler than the mainland of Mumbai. Tucked away in the Sahayadri ranges this once upon a time little hamlet is now a fully functional tourist destination in itself. However it still manages to retain the charm that city dwellers seek when they want to refresh and spend quality time with their families.

You will see historical monuments and points of significance, dating far back to the times of Shivaji and beyond. You will enjoy incredible food and beverage options in the several thousand resorts and hotels on offer catering to budgets and requirements of possibly every kind. You will have treks and nature trails that acquaint you with the weather, flora and still available fauna indigenous to the region. And there are also several places to relax and soak in quality downtime if that’s what you choose to do as well.

There are two easy ways to reach Lonavala from Mumbai. And either is a great way of getting there and back with connectivity and ease of travel being extremely high.

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Modes of Transport


There are as many as 25 direct trains that ply from Mumbai to Lonavala. The starting point of these trains is usually from Chatrapati Maharaj Shivaji Terminus of VT station as we Mumbaikars call it and train travel also becomes one of the cheapest and quickest ways of getting to and from. The quickest train to reach you from Mumbai to Lonavala in a bullet time of just 40 minutes is the Pragati Express. The Mumbai to Lonavala distance covered from station to station is a mere 105 kilometres. The other trains that will also get you there include the Deccan Queen, the Indrayani Express, The BSL Pune Express and the Chennai Mail.

Train travel to Lonavala is an experience by itself as the rains meander through the hilly region often taking you through unspoilt patches of sheer natural beauty and brilliance. The views are mesmerising and in the monsoon and winter months the weather is pleasing and romantic even.

Mumbai To Lonavala By Train

The ticket prices depending on your train of choosing and the class that you want to travel by are also fairly affordable and easy to book. You can visit Lonavala to and fro in less than Rs. 200.

Mumbai To Lonavala By Road

If the train is not your mode of commute of choice than the next best alternative is to drive down to Lonavala, and let us assure you it is an experience in itself as well. The best way to reach Lonavala from Mumbai is to use the Eastern side of the city. There are two major express roads if you start from South Mumbai, one being the Eastern Freeway till Chembur and the other being the road leading up to Navi Mumbai. From here you will be instantly connected to the 8 lane super highway also known as the Mumbai Pune Expressway. This Expressway is a delight to drive on with speeds often touching and exceeding over 80 kilometres an hour as per the permissible driving limit.

A half tank of gas will easily get you to and fro to Lonavala and you’ll still have plenty in the tank to drive you around in Lonavala as well. The entry from the Mumbai mainland into Vashi attracts a toll of Rs. 35 each way whereas the Expressway also has a toll of Rs. 150 each way to get to Lonavala.

The roads are spacious and zippy, while the view is truly mesmerising. You can view a wide array of flora and fauna on the way and the whole journey is a pleasant 1.5 to 2 hours at the maximum. There are a couple of rest stops on the way before you reach Lonavala which will keep you refreshed along the journey as well. The distance is roughly 85 kilometres by road. The rest stops have mouth-watering local treats to eat and pick up including fudge and chikki. On the way into Lonavala one can even get a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, a bucket of KFC Chicken, burger meals at McDonald’s and so much more, all just about 10 kilometres away from entering Lonavala.


Another great way to reach Lonavala from Mumbai via the road is to take the Government run and privately run busses. These busses usually tend to start from Dadar bus stand near Dadar TT Circle and will drop you off at Lonavala Bust Stand near the market. While the remaining part of your journey is largely similar to the drive down, the bus is even more convenient if you don’t fancy being near the wheel. The connectivity is great and there are several options plying to and fro even in the dead of the night so you are spoilt for choice in terms of timing. A bus ticket to Lonavala will cost you near about the same as a train ticket if you travel non – ac while there are also more expensive and luxurious carriers with ac seats that recline as well.


There are the main two operators [Uber and Ola] who now offer cab services for you to hire when going out of town for short distances and will definitely take you to and fro Lonavala from Mumbai. These can be booked for maximum convenience from right outside your doorstep. There are also a multitude of private operators who ply taxis between Lonavala and Mumbai and will sell you a seat in their car. You can also book the whole car from them depending on your convenience.

We hope you find this information useful and think of driving down to Lonavala for your next weekend getaway. Until then, happy travelling and remember to make memories.